Yesterday we queued, today we don’t

We're on a mission to allow you to send your online purchases and parcels to a place close to home, work or wherever is most convenient for you.


“Sorry, you were out“ - We've all experienced it, failed delivery slips, wasted Saturday mornings and lunchtime queues. We’ve agreed with neighbours and flatmates to sign for packages in our absence and even chased ignorant delivery van drivers down the street.

With busy lifestyles these days we believed it was time to resolve these problems for good, so we started researching and gathered a team of parcel enthusiasts. Parcelly was born.

With our smart mobile app, you can always keep track of your delivery and handle the entire collection process, so that you can receive your packages stress-free. When you download the app and follow the instructions, you’ll receive a unique Parcelly ID along with the delivery address of your chosen Parcelly location.

You can enter this address as your own with any online retailer worldwide and no matter which international or local courier is delivering. We’ll notify you via email and push alert as soon as your parcel is ready for collection and all you need to do is to collect whenever's most convenient for you, easy peasy.

We believe parcel collection needs to be time efficient, reliable, but most of all convenient. Parcelly makes it all that and more — user and community friendly, environmentally engaging and puts you in full control how, when and where you receive your online purchases.

All this starting from just £1.99, plus your first parcel or month's subscription is free.

Launched in December 2014, Parcelly is today London's fastest growing network of open-loop parcel collection points. Join us today and keep parcel collection local and at your convenience!


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Sebastian Steinhauser Sebastian Steinhauser
“I haven't received a single parcel to my home address for more than 2 years now."
Sebastian Steinhauser

Founder & CEO

Melanie Dierich Melanie Dierich
"I was kindly asked to leave the after school choir in 6th grade as my voice was regarded unsuitable."
Melanie Dierich

Head of Media & Marketing

Raul Garcia Raul Garcia
"I'm also known as 'the lung' from the good old days playing professional football."
Raul Garcia

Head of Operations

Michael Kuhlmann Michael Kuhlmann
"I love Slack, seriously."
Michael Kuhlmann

Head of Product


David Chauvin David Chauvin
"I hate ketchup."
David Chauvin

Business Development Manager

Nausica Andaloro Nausica Andaloro
"Once I prevented a match-winning goal in a football game by doing the splits and stopping the ball."
Nausica Andaloro

Marketing Manager

Joao Monjardino Joao Monjardino
"People believe I own a pet cow since in my hometown there are more cows than people."
Joao Monjardino

Business Development Manager

Gabriel Warwick Gabriel Warwick
"I know all the numbers of the Mr Men characters."
Gabriel Warwick

Business Development Associate

Michael Richardson Michael Richardson
"I once rode an Ostrich."
Michael Richardson

Business Development Associate

Sevin Ay Sevin Ay
"I was congratulated by my friends for not getting married or gambling in Las Vegas."
Sevin Ay

Marketing Manager

Nico Wenterodt Nico Wenterodt
"I can touch my nose with my right elbow."
Nico Wenterodt

Backend Engineer

Axel Kelting Axel Kelting
Axel Kelting

Lead Developer

Laura Graham Laura Graham
"Mrs Overtime."
Laura Graham

Office Manager

Advisory Board

Nicola Collister Nicola Collister
Ex Customer Experience Director at both Shop Direct Group & YODEL and ex Commercial Director at Arrow XL
Nicola Collister

CEO & Founder Custerian

Simon Norie Simon Norie
Experienced in Data and Brand Marketing at some of the UK & Europe largest catalogues and online retailers
Simon Norie

Co-Founder Custerian

Sadiq Mohammed Sadiq Mohammed
Ex Sales Director at Serco Global Services
Sadiq Mohammed

Managing Director USMAART

Nigel Wood Nigel Wood
Ex Head of Operations at Marks & Spencer
Nigel Wood

Director Netsuma Retail and Digital

Andrea Cullen Andrea Cullen
Ex Director of Research and Senior Analyst at Ares Management, LLC
Andrea Cullen

Founder Bright Link Ventures, LTD

Martin Raab Martin Raab
Publisher & speaker who's built multiple strategic projects from scratch and is experienced in financial markets
Martin Raab

Senior Financial Executive, Editor in Chief

Egon Blatter Egon Blatter
Start-up investor and advisor
Egon Blatter

CEO Beril AG

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